Friday | January 1, 2021 | 4:45 PM EST


Now available on Bandcamp at

Introducing Strawberrymilk, a compilation and soundtrack for the first sunset of the year. Bringing together artists from Miami, CDMX and Italy, the entirety of Strawberrymilk will be first played over footage of the setting sun on Friday, January 1, 2021 on Orchid.FM.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and a happy new year to all <3


  1. taupe set xl – Call to the Sleeping Serpent
  2. Richard Vergez – Hold That Thought
  3. Rensdub – Orrow
  4. Tidur – All Weapons
  5. DJ Python – Te
  6. Jonny From Space x Nick León – Astral Dynamics
  7. Autobahn – Winifred
  8. Pearl River Sound – testr8s
  9. Deroboter – Losses Undefined
  10. Rewrote – Play the Good Notes
  11. Lenny Foret – 0b10101 horizon
  12. ZDC x CRZ – 14c
  13. bad LSD trips – you can have eternal life




December 5, 2020

Live from our favorite place in Little Havana, aka Autobahn’s backyard, bumping everything from ambient to cumbia to electro to wave and in between… there’s something for everyone!

Set times:
2PM * Mariana
3PM * Autobahn
4PM * DJ Broke
5PM * Sally Hunter
6PM * 120max
7PM * Deroboter